Rites Of Passage Festival

Published:  January 17, 2011
Rites Of Passage Festival

From 28 January to 30 January, the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building will be host to some of the world’s finest tattoo artists all here in Melbourne, all here to celebrate creativity and communal connection.

All facets of creativity will be celebrated – the art of tattoo, music, performance art, dance and environmental awareness will be evident throughout the hallowed halls of the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building. In short, this is not an event one should miss.

Seeing these tattoo masters performing their craft will be a wonderful treat to all fans of tattooing and art in general.

Not only will the event feature a wide array of global tattoo artists, over 250 in all, there will also be a slew of musicians such as Mihirangi, Abbie Cardwell, Dallas Frasca, Bomba, Tijuana Cartel, Snowdroppers, Spencer P Jones, Rapskallion and Jess McAvoy to name a few.

It promises to be an amazing event and I for one am very much looking forward to experiencing it all first hand!

See you there!

Rites Of Passage

Rites Of Passage

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