A-1 Scrabble designer edition

Published:  May 12, 2011
Alison Copley
A-1 Scrabble designer edition

Andrew Clifford Capener is hoping to take Scrabble to a whole new level. His idea is to excite people about typography by creating a Scrabble set in the font of their choice (also with the option of assorted font packs or with the option of ordering additional fonts online).

He hasn’t stopped there though. His idea extends to the Scrabble packaging. He has crafted a simple box from birch, and both the interior and Scrabble board made from walnut.

The idea hasn’t hit production just yet, but you can register your interest in buying his product here.

All images copyright Andrew Clifford Capener.

8 Responses

  1. Fantastic, I’d love to see a version with a variety of art deco fonts. Great idea and will be a big hit with typography-lovers!

  2. Sam

    Ooohh. Dandy. Love it.

  3. Melissa Hunt

    i would most definitely buy this if it hit the market!

  4. Leah

    yes please! love the different typefaces and the packaging design..

  5. kerry

    pay the person/s responsible for this many many many dollars as this is the mark of a delicate creative genius who is smack bang onto what is happening on a both a surface visual level and also whats happening on the underground art streams……..this is an exquisite 21st century idea…..a leap into the zeitgeist….the whole package is gorgeous……congrats

  6. Whoa! YES PLEASE… can’t imagine the price tag for this, looks awesome. As Creative Side said, Art Deco would be awesome

  7. Cherie

    A huge scrabble fan looking for a new board and was told about this amazing design. Only wish it was available now…

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