Andy Rementer encourages play with People Blocks 2

Published:  December 16, 2014

As a follow up to the first edition of People Blocks, comes People Blocks 2 by Andy Rementer — a professional “creative person” based in America, who dabbles in drawing, cartooning, painting and animating. Coincidentally, we commissioned an illustration from the USA-based creator earlier this year, appearing in issue #300. Stocked as a “limited edition artist sculpture series,” the customisable characters were designed by Andy Rementer and produced by Case Studyo.


The hand-made and hand-painted wooden pieces are each completely independent and interchangeable, allowing for a variety of people or abstract sculptures to be created. “This new series continues in the spirit of the first edition with bold new shapes, colors and striking patterns. While their feet are planted firmly on the ground, the cast of characters also share a sense of unease and mystery, distinguishing features of Rementer’s work.”


The characters are called Jaques, Cécile, Pierre and Luc, each sold individually and packaged in a screen printed wooden box. Every sculpture comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist.


People Blocks 2 can be purchased through Case Studyo.

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