Basil Bangs ‘Le Pixel’ Umbrella

Published:  July 10, 2012
Ayesha Khara
Basil Bangs ‘Le Pixel’ Umbrella

Upon seeing the word ‘umbrella’ during this miserable Winter weather you’re probably thinking about those flimsy, black umbrellas that flip inside out with even the smallest gust of wind. Or you’ve just remembered you left yours under a restaurant table or in a friend’s car last week. But these umbrellas are not designed to keep you dry on a rainy day, or even to knock people off a narrow sidewalk, they have a much better purpose – to provide shade on a hot summer day. Despite the season being so far away, surely we can still dream about stretching out by the pool under a Basil Bangs sun umbrella, or relaxing in the shade at a music festival.

The ‘Le Pixel’ sun umbrella with its brightly coloured and pixelated pattern will remind you of all those Summer activities we crave at this time of year.

You can purchase one of these sun umbrellas along with a range of other crazy patterns at the Basil Bangs website.

Basil Bangs ‘Le Pixel’ Umbrella

Pixels close-up

All images copyright Basil Bangs.

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