Basil Bangs x Jonathan Zawada, Ready For Summer

Published:  November 7, 2013
Bonnie Abbott

As summer steams its way towards the Southern Hemisphere, the two mates behind brolly brand Basil Bangs have teamed up with Jonathan Zawada, Australian artist and designer, for a range of beach umbrellas and outdoor cushions. The frenetic, distorted ‘new aesthetic‘ seen in much of Zawada’s painting and digital work turns the traditional beach umbrella into a design beacon, stylishly marking territories in the sand. With matching cushions, this summer your sandy enclave could be a hyper-bright colour den for two.

The Basil Bangs umbrellas are produced with a sense of traditional craftsmanship, using high quality fixtures and patent-pending hinges, long-lasting canvas and storage as standard. Check out the entire range, including past umbrella collaboration with We Are Handsome.

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