Big Appetites

Published:  September 12, 2012
Big Appetites

I’ve got a big appetite for ‘Big Appetites‘, a series of photographs by Seattle-based artist/photographer Christopher Boffoli.

Using scale as his arrow, Boffoli photographs fictional worlds of tiny humans living in a land of giant food, hitting the target of humour and absurdity right in the eye.

Boffoli’s underlying fascination with big and small as well as America’s obsession with supersizing, give these images extra attitude. As do witty one liners, commentating the pieces with ironic and humorous flash fiction.

Scenes such as tiny unionists atop a worksite of palatial penne pasta or a pack of miniature mountaineers scaling a tower of Twinkies puts both a smile on my face and leaves me hungry for more.

Check out the whole series here.

All images copyright Christopher Baffoli.

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