Brisbane’s Finders Keepers Market

Published:  November 23, 2015
Amy Crow

Two days, over one hundred stalls and at least one thousand people. Brisbane’s Finders Keepers market is the place to be for all things laser etched, resin made, metallic and colourful. Run bi-annually and spread over three halls plus a balcony, stall holders battle for the space to cram excited onlookers to peruse the wares.





The courtyard was buzzing with gift buyers and young hip things ducking for cover as the sky broke and it poured down. It was a humid, muggy day and the condensation was almost visible on walking into the atrium. In the main hall, Bespoke Letterpress is like a beacon of light, blinded by designer foil glory. Originally from Brisbane the Bespoke team are artisans of their craft but also highly regarded graphic designers. Specialising in wedding invitations, business stationary and branding, Bespoke combine their love of typography and design with the authenticity of letterpress to create incredibly beautiful work.

AmyCrow_BespokeLetterpressDrawn to the colourful creations of Michelle Harvey from Crayon Chick , her unique home wares and accessories are functional and stylish. The way she weaves rope and thread is visually pleasing and unlike anything I’ve seen before.

AmyCrow_CrayonChickOn first inspection Dear Mabel’s jewellery looked like resin. I’ve seen a lot of resin lately and I have to admit the excitement has died out in me somewhat but they were actually made from silicon, a medium I hadn’t even considered for jewellery. Felt like to the touch they had a strange malleability about them, the combinations of bright colours and bold shapes was charming and full of life.

What I find most fascinating is how the stall holders take their branding into their physical store. This doesn’t mean excessive decoration, some of the most successful are the most simple, but it shows the innate understanding about the journey the viewers will take through their work. A smart marketing exercise, aesthetically appealing while still keeping true to the brand.

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