Craig & Karl collaborate on super-limited crystal vase

Published:  November 7, 2014

The slightly dusty brand of Waterford Crystal has teamed up with illustration and design duo Craig & Karl (AU and UK) to create Crystaleyezed, a super-limited-edition vase that is as high-quality as it as lighthearted.

Only ten of these have been hand-cut in crystal, and stand at nearly 18 inches tall.

“All the cutting techniques were drawn from traditional pieces, but we tried to look for combinations that felt new or unexpected, mixing bolder lines with more intricate patterns as we do in our other work,” the duo explain. “The material quality of the crystal adds a whole other dimension, and we quite like the interplay—and hopefully the balance struck—between the almost sublime physicality of the vase and a certain levity in the design approach.”

The Crystaleyezed vases range from $2,800 to $3,574, will be sold exclusively at the House of Voltaire from November 12 through December 20;

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