Published:  December 15, 2011

Day 11 of desktop’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ competition. Today’s competition is only open to subscribers of desktop’s weekly enewsletter (subscribe above now and then enter).

Hampers are a great idea when they’re not synonymous with laundry, but sometimes so poorly executed. For example, take the Christmas Food Hamper and it’s infatuation with horseradish relish. News flash it’s 2011, our pallets have evolved – horseradish is so passe. But every year we’re gifted another jar and one step closer to accidentally opening a horseradish relish conservatory.

Save some pantry space this festive season and make the switch to the stationery hamper. Inky Co. is a new Melbourne-based online stationery store, offering the best quince-free-hampers of them all, the Inka Azure and Inka Earth gift hampers. The contents of the hampers include fruit shaped notebooks, wrapping paper, pens, pencils, gift tags and an organza ribbon set, and it’s all neatly packaged in a brown card board box.

Thanks to our friends at Inky Co. we have two stationery gift hampers (1 x Inka Azure and 1 x Inka Earth) to give away. Today’s prize is only available to subscribers of desktop’s weekly enewsletter – subscribe above now and then enter – leave a comment below before midnight 15 December 2011 AEST.*

*Only open to residents in Australia.

60 Responses

  1. jenn

    more stationery? hoorahh

  2. I love this stationery…

  3. Who knew that stationery could get better and better!


    These look great.

  5. gorgeous! i love inky co. x

  6. Ah, love the pear notes – a fruitful reminder… ha!!!

  7. Sharon Fawcett

    I’d love to get my teeth into this stationary!

  8. carmen

    this is a great hamper!

  9. Yes please! Love inky co!

  10. I couldn’t think of a better hamper! Such a good idea for designers and creatives!

  11. kirsten

    YUMMM! says the pear girl ;)

  12. Simon

    Bring on some premium stationary. and the colse date on this comp is wrong. oops guys :P

  13. Love the stationery!!! Gorgeous.

  14. Sarah

    Stationery hampers…the best christmas gift! :)

  15. Jasmine

    Awesome! I’d love to win one

  16. Kara

    Wow what an amazingly gorgeous prize. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  17. Loving the stationery theme! This is gorgeous.

  18. Could this get any better!!

  19. Candy

    Can’t get any better!

    Subscribed :)

  20. I love stationery more than pasta…

  21. Brent

    Nice, would make a great Christmas gift for the discerning designer not satisfied with officeworks :)

  22. Kat d

    I work in a stationery store but this stuff is so much cooler than anything we stock!

  23. Rhys D

    Is there a Banana flavour?

  24. jasmine eastwood

    oooh yes please!!

  25. Jenny

    Designer stationary!!!!!

  26. Amelyn Foo

    I love inky co. They are awesome! :) Thanks for the opportunity, desktop mag.

  27. ooh la la. Yes thanks. That would do nicely.

  28. I love inky co and now I love Desktop magazine!

  29. Natalie

    That’s so awesome, I love them!

  30. Katrina

    I just want to munch on the pear and apple notes!

  31. Amy

    Divine!!! Perfect colour combinations

  32. Stationery aholic

    MMmmmmmm stationery!!!

  33. Rachael Searle

    Yay! Stationery is awesome!

  34. Clare

    Looks Amazing!! :)

  35. Nothing makes me happier than stationery! Except maybe stationery shaped like apples and pears!

  36. Ermi

    Just read About Inky Co. My daughter’s name is Chloe too.. What an inspiring idea – mother & daughter collaboration! :)

  37. Natasha

    These are gorgeous, I love them!

  38. Q

    Great to start off the new year with some pretty stationary :D

  39. Rachel

    oh wow love at first sight! i have a massive soft spot for beautiful stationery

  40. i am in need of organising. this well help my problem. help me help myself.

  41. Michelle

    yes please. these would look awesome in my brand new studio!!

  42. Sarah Halliday

    I like dem apples (and pears)…

  43. 2012 is going to be filled with lots of pretty paper products!

  44. Sarah

    You had me at stationery

  45. Ruby

    To “dye” for!

  46. Elisa

    Sweet stationary! :)

  47. Lee

    Simply stunning stationery. A set of this lot will make the account managers in my office very jealous! it makes Kikki K look like it’s from Borders!

  48. Q. What did the boy said to the ruler?

    A. ” You rule! “

  49. I love the simple cutie stationary!! Give it to me pls:-)

  50. Kim P

    Post it notes, and little books, and amazing things…

  51. Kat

    ooohh so pretty, yes please :)

  52. Belinda

    Oh, these are a fantastic gift idea. A great alternative to the usual (aka boring) Christmas hamper! I have now subscribed to the weekly newsletter.

  53. Lauren


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