Published:  December 6, 2011

Day 4 of desktop’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ competition.

Let’s face it, the humble sock has come a long way. They have grown men endorsing words such as ‘argyle’ and ‘plaid’ and have made it socially acceptable to don a pair with sandals without being labelled a tourist. OK OK are purveyors of the foot’s undergarment, creating a new range every year, and can be found in their flagship store in Brunswick. All their socks are made in Melbourne, using only quality materials, making them long lasting and super soft.

Thanks to our friends at OK OK we have a set of their unisex socks to give away. For your chance to win leave a comment below before midnight 6 December 2011 AEST.*

*Only open to residents in Australia.

29 Responses

  1. leah

    i need some new socks and i do have to say that they do look pretty cool.

  2. Alex

    Oohhh ohhhh i have
    Holes in my socks. Hook a brother up.

  3. Jessica Bellman

    I need some new socks to give me some awesome design inspiration :)

  4. I eat socks like you for breakfast.

  5. ok… ok… you caught me. I never have a pair of matching socks!

  6. Andi Yanto


  7. I want socks for the summer, cause with weather like this my feet are cold

  8. Jodi

    I never get socks like these ones for christmas :)

  9. Sarah


  10. Natalie

    They look so comfortable, could totally relax wearing them!

  11. Chloe

    Stripes and spots! They will be the highlight of my wardrobe!! :)

  12. Candy

    Beautiful colours in my wardrobe – the way to go!

  13. Socks for shoes! socks for shoes!

  14. Sam

    Would love a pair of these to wear whilst riding around town! will keep my pants out of my chain, plus i’ll look a little more stylish than the other nerds with their pants tucked into their socks! ok ok I need these!

  15. Dave

    Love the red ones

  16. I need myself some xmas socks!

  17. Jenny

    These would knock my socks off!

  18. Sheridan

    I love socks. Especially these ones.

  19. Aimee

    Spectacular. I want my socks rocked.

  20. Effie Bakkalis

    There is absolutely nothing better than warm toes!

  21. I just moved house… and can’t find the box with my socks in it… help!!!

  22. kim

    sockery dockery doo!

  23. Peter

    Socks: Like gloves for the feet.

  24. Gemmie Alliston

    Oh what adorable socks, I need this to un-dull my life as a public servant!!

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