DAY 8 GIVEAWAY: Emily Green

Published:  December 12, 2011
DAY 8 GIVEAWAY: Emily Green

Day 8 of desktop’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ competition.

Decorate your décolletage with Emily Green. Emily Green necklaces are all handmade in her studio in Harvest Workroom in Melbourne. “What do you mean handmade, surely she did not make those delectable beads…by HAND?” you ask.

Let us confirm your suspicions, she did and does. Each individual bead is made-to-order and presented in a colour wave series on an 85cm Sterling Silver chain. She also makes brooches, earrings, digital prints and cotton scarves, all which feature her trademark geometric aesthetics and blinding love of colour.

Thanks to our friend Emily Green we have a Penny necklace to give away. For your chance to win leave a comment below before midnight 12 December 2011 AEST.*

*Only open to residents in Australia.

91 Responses

  1. Big fan of Emily, and can’t say no to adding another of her necklaces to my collection! :)

  2. Emily Green’s designs are beautifully crafted and unique! Can spot them a mile off and love them every time!

  3. i love the combination of colours, especially the neons! ..and the watercolour background is gorgeous too!

  4. i love emily’s work. absolutely gorgeous! x

  5. LOVE THESE NECKLACES… make my day if i won this as battling a cold as well as an infant with a cold… not to mention this rain… a little sunshine pleaseeeee?

  6. Fiona

    Yes please!! I love Emily Green necklaces and their gorgeous pop of colours! Thank you :D

  7. Kat

    love them, she has a great eye for colour!

  8. This is awesome! I love Emily’s work. Thank you for being so generous!

  9. bec

    !!!!!! I Love Emily Green!
    Have been coveting one of her beautiful creations for months!

  10. Daniel

    I may be one of the few guys to post, but my girlfriend would absolutely love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Callum

    In the same boat as Daniel, would love to give it to my girlfriend, exactly her style

  12. Lauren

    Oh wow! Never seen her work before, but LOVE it! This necklace is gorgeous and those colours…..!

  13. Dan Lamond

    Will admit I’ve never seen Emily’s pieces before but they are beautiful. Would be a perfect addition for my girlfriends Santa stocking.

  14. Ooh it’s so lovely, I love the little spotty bead, and that’s my name! Love!

  15. Gin

    Gorgeous colours, love these beads!

  16. would love another one to ass to my collection, just intim for summer!

  17. Natalie

    Such gorgeous attention to detail.

  18. Candy

    Candy colours! Just perfect for this summer!

  19. Jen L

    Have been smitten with Emily’s penny necklaces since I first clapped eyes on them. Her sense of colour is and texture is awe-inspiring.

  20. Sarah Armstrong

    This necklace would add some much needed colour to my jewellery box. It’s gorgeous

  21. Katie

    Emily Green is so very talented and so lucky as an artist to have a job she loves and have products that are so recognisable as an ‘Emily Green’ – I love that I see her necklaces everywhere! If I was to win a necklace it would remind me to do what I love as a career choice because you never know where it could take you!

  22. Another Emily fan here! Who could resist commenting? Not me!

  23. Beautiful! Love the colours :)

  24. Jenny

    wow Emily Green has beautiful designs I would love to win this!

  25. WOW! I can’t believe all those beads are hand made. Simply stunning. What an amazing eye for colour! Love Emily’s designs.

  26. Ange

    I put forward the motion for Emily Green to change her name to Emily Rainbow. Her designs are just too cheerful to be limited to just one colour. All in favour…?

  27. Such a gorgeous piece! Would love to have this in my collection!

  28. What a beautiful creation! Big Love!

  29. Mia

    they look absolutely delicious- like candy nom nom nom

  30. Anna Kearey

    colourful candylishious jewelry love )

  31. Anil P

    Looks great, love to have one :)

  32. Kate Hoskin

    There is nothing like colour to brighten up your day

  33. Amanda

    I have never seen any of her work either – its beautiful, very my style. I am going to look her up – right now in fact!

  34. Pip

    Yes pleeeaase! Emily Green, you add a splash of colour to the dreariest of days!

  35. Vanessa T

    O pointy birds, o pointy pointy, Anoint my head, anointy-nointy …

  36. Kat d

    Ooh… This would Make the perfect Chrissy gift for my ma. I think it’s time for some boldness and vibrancy in her wardrobe!

  37. Ooooh – please pick me – its my birthday!! And I love these necklaces!!

  38. lucy

    gorgeous … yes please!

  39. Love Love LOVE the gorgeous colours!

  40. Sara K

    How divine. Like wearing a little row of smarties. A necklace to make you smile.

  41. This necklace looks good enough to eat. Just like the one’s I had as a kid, only this one would taste and smell like real fruit – all juicy and delicious.

  42. Neets

    I would feel very special indeed, walking into my birthday celebrations this Sunday wearing this.

  43. Zen

    vibrant, playful, delightful, wearing one would make me instantly smile :)

  44. Anita Allen

    I love unique pieces that set us apart from others. What a wondeful delight of colour to wear around ones neck.

  45. leah

    I just love this necklace, such a gorgeous mix of colours. I could not get close enough to her stall at Markit in fed square recently so many people feverish for Emily Green necklaces!!

  46. Rachel

    Wow! So beautiful. Such a pleasure to see an artist pouring so much love into her work! Totally inspired.

  47. Sarah

    I’ve been wishing to get my little paws on one of these necklaces!

  48. michele van eeden

    baubles for xmas-a prefect pressie for moi

  49. Grace

    I’m a jewellery student and used Emily Green for a research project, really inspired by her work, would love to own the real thing!!

  50. Aimee Schurmann

    Such a cute collection of colours and textures.

  51. Vicky

    Yay would love to won!

  52. Susie

    Love love love!

  53. Mathew

    Colour and style, this would be great for my Mum.

  54. Fiona

    Ever so pretty! The perfect present…

  55. Sally

    Pick me! (please!). Gorgeous beads, AND handmade, what more could a girl want?

  56. Alisha

    Yes please!! I discovered her at the recent Finders Keepers. I love how colourful and gorgeous the beads are.

  57. Delima

    Now… wouldn’t that look great on my neck!!

  58. Kim P

    THEY ARE LIKE LOLLIES ON A STRING. Makes me happy, but also gives me sugar cravings…

  59. Lucy wells

    Oh wow Handmade goodness ! Would look great for my first design interview next week eek !!

  60. Tia

    Thanks for the opportunity to Emily and Desktop!

  61. gemma

    Arrived at the wrong carols by candle light, can I borrow your hymn book app?

  62. awesome! i’ve been waiting to get one for so long – the colors are so perfectly curated!

  63. Rose McGregor

    Ooooh I just bought 2 but isnt the 3rd meant to be the lucky charm? beautiful!

  64. Jess

    love the colour combos Emily uses

  65. Danielle

    I’d love so so much to win this. I’ve had my eye on it for a while now. Pretty please

  66. Nadine

    I’d love one please! Saw them at Finders Keepers in Sydney and should have bought one there…

  67. Davo

    I would décolletage the hell out of this! Too bad I’m a guy…but I know a nice girl I could give it to :)

  68. I have purchased 2 of these beautiful necklaces for christmas gifts and I would love to get one for myself :)

  69. Oh lordy, I’m in Lurvvve!!!

  70. Jen

    Love, love, love!

  71. Judith M

    Beautiful. I’d love to win one and keep it all for myself!

  72. Effie Bakkalis

    That looks like candy – good enough to eat!

  73. gee

    I adore Emily’s use of beautiful bright colours in this necklace. Her watercolours are amazing too – a great balance of randomness bleed with deliberate detail. I would treasure this necklace. xx

  74. Kath

    These necklaces are so fun and funky! I’d love to have to have one!

  75. scott

    “What do you mean handmade, surely she did not make those delectable beads…by HAND?”

  76. Laura

    It’s very noice. And it’s not Elk!

  77. fong shui

    This will be the perfect gift for my girlfriend.

  78. Helen

    The colour palette is so beautiful.

  79. emily green is hot stuff! i would love to sport one of her necklaces this summer!

  80. Such beautiful colours! I love the balance of the saturated and muted tones! I am thinking doing something similar for this winters/Autumn garland range.

  81. See a Penny.. give it away
    You’ll have good luck.. for the rest of the day!!

  82. Ermi

    My friends would be Green with envy if I won this precious Penny necklace. :)

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