Delightful ostentation: QT Hotel, Sydney

Published:  May 20, 2014

To say the QT Sydney is ’boutique’ can only begin to describe this hotel. In the first instance, the QT is an experience that’s heavy on playful kitsch and surpasses the theatricality of most commercial accommodation. Merging Gothic, art deco and Italianate architecture, the space is carved out of the historic State Theatre and Gowings department store buildings, yet it offers more than an abundance of exaggerated furniture pieces and interior fittings — the hotel itself is acutely conscious of how guests interact with its space.

For example, the lift can detect the number of passengers — playing songs about being lonely when a single person is on board, romantic ballads when two people step in and party tunes when three or more guests arrive.

The hotels bold interior was spearheaded by Australian interior designer, Nic Graham, having spent over 18 months collecting objets d’art from auctions and online sellers. The dominant aesthetic is chaotic yet curated, showcasing a colour scheme that appears to be inspired by liquorice all-sorts.

Glass-encased gowns, mannequins, vintage suitcases and a few retro televisions make for an interior that hoards stylistic elements from disparate eras with unabashed abandon. Curated with the philosophy that more is more and more is better, it seems this sort of excess walks a fine line between outrageous and overwhelming. With a body of staff that were ‘cast’ not hired, the choreographed service harks back to ideas of performance and ostentation.

The hotel sits on Market Street, in the middle of the CBD, with rooms ranging from $290. They are currently running a package with Semi-Permanent, offering a bundle of three nights accommodation in a King Suite together with a three day pass to the creative conference.

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