desktop’s 5: craft ideas for your four-legged friends

Published:  April 12, 2016

Experienced crafter Martha Goop, from Ebony Craft, shares with us five craft ideas you can try that will have tails wagging.

When it comes to craft ideas or do-it-yourself projects, Goop says that they do not have to be expensive. “I encourage people to try crafting by showing them what they can make from items around the home. I also tell them to give anything a try once to see if they like it,” she tells desktop.


Here she shares five pet craft ideas from cat scratching posts to customised name tags and even recycled water bowls that can not only save some dollars spent at the pet store but also get your creative juices flowing.  


Cat scratching post

While you can buy a scratching post for your cat at the local pet store, nothing’s quite like inventing and creating your own. To create your very own, unique, and colourful scratching post you will need:

  • A piece of rectangular or circular wood which is 40cm in length and 20cm wide/round.
  • Coloured rope which is 4 meters in length
  • High strength glue

To create your scratching post simply start by covering your wood in glue. Next, you simply wrap the rope around the wood as tightly as possible starting from the top and working your way down. Make sure the rope is tight against itself. Wrap it around until you reach the bottom or you run out of rope. Allow your glue to dry to secure the rope to the wood before using nails and string or chain to hang it on your wall. If you want to personalise the scratching post for your cat you can paint their name on it.

DOG-FOOD-STATIONRecycled wooden crate dog bowl station

Another great idea you can do is create a dog bowl station using an old wooden crate. For this project you will need:

  • A wooden crate and sandpaper
  • Two small dog bowls that fit within the crate.
  • Enough pebbles that will fill the crate

To start this project simply sand back the exterior of wooden crate until the surface area is smooth and free of splinters. You can paint the crate with pet friendly paint if required. Next, fill the crate with pebbles so they surround the two dog bowls that will be placed at the very top. The pebbles should be level with the edges of the bowl to secure them in place. Quick, easy, and decorative for any home.


Pet name tag

While you can easily buy your pet a name tag at the pet store, nothing’s quite like making one yourself. To create one, you’ll need:

  • A small ring that keys hang on.
  • A piece of light coloured leather
  • Large needle
  • Scissors
  • A pen and/or stencil of a dog, bone, or any other image you like.

To create a pet name tag simple, take the piece of leather, draw and cut-out a shape. Next write your pets name on the leather in the middle before gently poking a hole with the needle through the top of the shape to insert the ring. Thread the ring onto the collar. It’s that easy.


Cat hotel

Cats love to climb and explore small spaces so why not build them a cat hotel. For the cat hotel you will need:

  • 6 strong wooden boxes
  • Wood glue
  • Old carpet
  • Toxic free, pet friendly paint in any colour you like.

To create the cat hotel, you can start by gluing all your wooden boxes together so the open ends all face outwards. Next paint the boxes and allow them to dry. Cut out and glue down the carpet on the bottom of each of the boxes when you stand your boxes up straight. Next take some of your cat toys and place them inside a few of the boxes along with small comfortable cushions. Don’t fill every box though as some cats tend to like a simple room. Stand your creation up and your cat hotel is read to take its visitors.


DIY cat toys

These days’ cat toys can be expensive; however, you can create your own cat toys without all the cost involved. To make your cat toy all you will need is:

  • Colourful pieces of felt material
  • A bunch of features
  • Scissors
  • Sewing skills
  • Cotton wool

To make your cat toy, first cut out a fish shape on the felt fabric but without the tail. Make sure you have two pieces of the same shape. Next place both pieces of felt together and sew part way around your fish shape leaving the tail open and un-sewed. Next push some cotton wool into the body of the fish before adding some feathers as the tail. Make sure the features stick out of the back. Sew the rest of the body up to secure the cotton wool and ‘tail’ feathers. Your cat will love to swat their new fish toy around.

As a crafter, Martha Goop loves to share her creativity with readers around the world. With ten years of crafting experience under her belt, Martha shares all kinds of techniques, and projects she has worked on over the years. Martha’s love extends to children’s crafts, fabrics, and artistic creations anyone would love to wear, use or decorate with. She is especially active through the Ebony Craft project and blog where you can read all about the different but easy crafts you can make in a jiff.

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