Extra-ordinary marble of Canova

Published:  February 24, 2014

Italian craft traditions, seen in the marbles of Canova or Murano glasses, have been utilized and reinterpreted into a range of everyday items by a team of Fabrica’s multicultural designers, and sold through their Extra-Ordinary Gallery.

Made entirely in Italy, objects that have formed around daily rituals have been made into something special through attention to detail, a tribute to the beauty of basic and small pleasures in life—things that are “domestic, yet exquisite”.

The Heracles, for example, is simple in construction but a beautiful, honest use of material and shape. It is reminiscent of the forerunner of the dumbbell, found in ancient Greece, and a “narrative object” useful in the way that stone naturally is: a heavy paperweight, or a luxury dumbbell “for the genuine esthete”.

Design by Charlotte Juillard
Dimension: 21x10x10cm
Material: Marble and Metal / Gray Stone and Metal

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