GIVEAWAY: wall calendar

Published:  February 2, 2012
GIVEAWAY: wall calendar

Calendar embarrassment is a pretty common phenomenon. We can all admit to owning a few disasters – ‘snapshots of Australian reptiles’ or ‘puppies with hats on’, or, a favourite, ‘dolphins’.

But there is no need for this shame. Kindred Gifts is helping out with a a summer sale on all of its Bold and Noble Wall Calendars. There’s a choice between two simple and classic designs: Geometric and Doodle, each available in Duck and Slate (with free shipping for all orders over $99).

But if you’d like to start penciling in events right away, Kindred Gifts is giving one away. To be in the running, just leave a comment below before midnight Wednesday 8 February (only open to residents of Australia).

61 Responses

  1. carmen

    want, want, want! help me to get rid of my cat calendar please.

  2. barry s

    haha. I need something new for my wall.

  3. caroline

    Please help my wall look better :)

  4. Paul

    either one would look great on the back of my door

  5. Jana Penshorn

    In the past week I’ve turned up to the hairdressers a day early, turned up to the dentist a day late and forgotten a birthday….I clearly need a calendar and would love one so stylish!

  6. These are so beautiful! WANT

  7. The PERFECT way to help me be more organised!!

  8. Chloe

    Without my pocket diary my life gets all meddled up. But it would be so nice to have a calender in my room near the phone, so when I talk to my friends and make business meetings I dont have to scramble through my bag to find it. They are so pretty!

  9. Navya Srinivas

    I would love one!

  10. Must get organised! Must get this!

  11. Brendan

    My housemates currently have ‘Twilight Scenes of English Countryside.’ SAVE ME!

  12. Celeste Njoo

    I was planning on getting the dogs with hats calendar but this is heaps better!

  13. mish stark

    Oooo ooo oooh! Please save me from having to buy another boring Kikki K planner!! Thanks in advance, M xo

  14. Chris Cross

    Can I have the calendar?

  15. Alanah Vera

    My mum bought a tacky calendar recently. It’s in support of the Guide Dogs foundation, and as you can probably imagine, only contains the cutest puppies known to man with all sorts of back drops, including at a farm, in the garden, and at the beach.

    I’d like a calendar that can convince her to remove the doggy one. This sort of cuteness is not welcome in my home and needs to be replaced immediately.

  16. Chantas

    Note to self: Do not get that free (and somewhat horrific) calendar from your print supplier until you find out whether you’ve won this.

  17. Amanda

    Having a bit of an organisational problem at the start of 2012 – this might be my ticket out of organising-hell.

  18. Kim

    These are great! Love both of them, although I do have a soft spot for geometric designs. Hope I win!

  19. Jay

    Wow! this would make my new home office complete! and perfect for recording my deadlines and appointments :)

  20. Tahnee

    I would LOVE a new calendar to help me get organised for my new Graphic Design diploma this year!

  21. Mara

    Yes please! 2012 the year to get organised

  22. Wow, looks amazing! Would go well on my wall :)

  23. Cat

    Nice, I’d love one!

  24. Sascha

    These calanders beat my calander (printed of word =\ ) to a pulp! Would love one to liven up my office!

  25. I was just thinking, …” I need a new calendar…” and here you are giving one away – Perfect timing!

  26. Roisin

    I love Kindred Gifts!

  27. Jessica

    This is perhaps just a tad cooler than my sausage dog calendar.

  28. Liz

    Please save me from my calendar dilemma…the rspca is a good cause but not great design or photography…at the moment trying to cover up most of it with my kids drawings!

  29. Mel D

    Yes, I know it’s February.
    No, I don’t yet have a calendar… Unless you count those fugly desk calendars print suppliers give out. They usually display scenic ‘Australian’ images that has been over-photoshopped within an inch of its life, so now the trees have become a horrid shade of purple.

    So NOT cool.

    Need a calendar worthy of wall space… the Kindred Gifts calendar will do just nicely :-)

  30. Lori Jo Petchell

    I would love to have one of these gorgeous calendars on my wall !!!!!

  31. This calendar is babin’

  32. I’ve always dreamt of a 12 month wall calendar and now I am starting a new role in a office by myself. I need to stay on top of everything I do, I need one of these beautiful calendars to keep me on track.

  33. Powla

    Dear ‘Bold and Noble’,

    How nifty it would be,
    To have one of your creations on my wall to see.
    Replacing my drab and dreary grey walls,
    Bringing inspiration to my cubicle stall.

    Yours sincerely,

  34. Schedule with style? Yes please!

  35. Bronson

    My old plain jane calendar is just not up to the task.

    Each day I look at it and realise, that’s right, I’ll go out into the big bad world & make my mark whilst pondering the meaning of life & what I read on the calendar that morning about the team with the most points wins.

    Or something?!

  36. Brooke

    Yes please :0) I would love to have one of these calendars for my creative space. I’d like to think it would help me more organised but hey I am an artist after all :0) Cheers

  37. Joanne Purnell

    I’m always forgetting to pay bills and missing appointments hopefully this will help

  38. Finlay

    i’d make room for this on my walls!

  39. Mandy

    Would really love one so I can get rid of my free calendar I pick up from the local chemist every year! lol… :)

  40. Amarie

    Have got freshly painted white walls throughout the house…I think that justifies acquiring a new calendar poster. Geometric, please & thank you.

  41. Jessica

    Currently have a teeny tiny Australian Flora calendar that I cannot write on. Definitely need a wall planner!

  42. Anton

    Great work!! Date me up!

  43. Emma

    The layout of this calendar is awesome! Would be perfect to keep me organised for Uni :)

  44. Kath

    I need all the help I can get to be organised! (and I’d much prefer to do it in style!!)

  45. Samantha

    Although I love my ‘Shetland Scenic Calendar 2012′ for some reason my husband never reads all of the important information that I put on it. A Kindred Gifts calendar would cause, well…a lot more harmony in our house!

  46. Samantha

    Damn, AEST! It’s only 23:21 in Western Australia!

  47. It’s always easier to get organised when the tools are so pretty!

  48. Chelsea

    I haven’t owned a calendar since I was about 11.
    I’m sure it had dolphins on it too…
    I think it’s about time I reclaimed my scheduling skills with one of these awesome looking ‘doodle’ calendars (in slate ;) .. )

  49. Natasha

    Desperately hoping I made it in time for the cutoff as my chaotic life needs stylish organising via a Kindred Gift calendar.

  50. Fallon

    I would LOVE the Doodle Calendar in slate. Absolutely just love it!

  51. James

    What stunning calendars!

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