Happy Socks

Published:  August 3, 2012
Nabila Petrucci
Happy Socks

It took me approximately four minutes looking around the Happy Socks website before I reached into my wallet and pulled out my bankcard, I had to have a pair of these! Happy Socks are an initiative by two very creative Swedes, Viktor Tell and Mikael Söderlindh. Both Viktor and Mikael didn’t originally come from fashion backgrounds but the success of Happy Socks is presumably a credit to both their advertising and graphic design backgrounds. The quirky, colourful and exceptional quality of these socks ensures that once you start buying, you probably won’t be able to stop.

If you like to try before you buy that’s completely fine also, you can find Happy Socks in many different locations around Australia including David Jones and Gorman (just to name a few).

If you are anything like me the somewhat dull and dreary winter months can pull me into a routine of wearing black from head to toe, why not change it a up a bit with a distinctive splash of crazy, eye-catching colour.

Dots Fade 01

Big Dot 08

Five Colour 04

Stripe 05

All images copyright Happy Socks.

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  1. Molly M

    Super cute!

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