Japanese studio develop a unique sticker calendar for 2015

Published:  January 12, 2015

Tokyo-based studio Nendo have rung in the new year with a calendar featuring illustrated stickers to be peeled away each day of 2015 — revealing a scene of the upcoming season and “allowing you to feel the gradational changing of the seasons as each fades into the next… The [calendar] breathes new life into the sticker backing, which would normally serve no purpose but to hold the stickers.”sticker-calendar_sketch sticker-calendar15_akihiro_yoshida sticker-calendar16_akihiro_yoshida sticker-calendar17_akihiro_yoshida

Peeling away stickers also reveals special imagery on certain occasions like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, with a whimsical cat to be found hidden somewhere on each page. Twists like these are interspersed throughout to make peeling each day away an intriguing delight.

sticker-calendar18_akihiro_yoshida sticker-calendar19_akihiro_yoshida sticker-calendar20_akihiro_yoshida



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