Published:  November 21, 2011

A recent finalist in the Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award is Dale Hardiman, a furniture design student at RMIT. He has created the Klag chair – an experiment consisting of a new concrete substitute and its structural ability. According to Klag, “By creating a form with three legs, the properties of the single material chair and its relationship with the structure are crucial. The chair is cast in components, and then attached using the same material.”

The chair is made from fly-ash – a coal combustion by-product. Currently in Tarong and Tarong North, SouthWest Queensland, there are roughly 1,100,000 tonnes of fly-ash. Due to Australia’s continuing demand for coal fired power, there’s a huge waste disposal problem. Don Browne (Exile-Global-Technologies) is the creator and sole manufacturer of ET-21, which is a fly-ash and resin based product. It is water resistant, 100% recyclable, lightweight and heat resistant.

All images copyright Dale Hardiman.

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  1. Isabella

    This is the most amazing concept and product. Much respect!

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