LEGO’s ‘Imagine’ campaign

Published:  March 20, 2012
LEGO’s ‘Imagine’ campaign

LEGO has called on the ‘skills’ of 1990s TV nerds to decipher the figures in its latest minimalist print campaign ‘Imagine’.

Created by Hamburg-based creative agency, Jung von Matt, the clever minimalist print series features basic shapes made from LEGO which each represent a popular cartoon character, recognisable through height and colour of the bricks (e.g. Marge’s tall blue hair is a dead giveaway).

Test your TV skills – see if you can guess the characters in each advert (the answers are listed at the end of the article).

Answers from top to bottom: Smurfs, Donald Duck, Ninja Turtles, Bert and Ernie, Asterix and Obelix, The Simpsons.

Via DesignTaxi.

7 Responses

  1. So clever. got one wrong – having a good day i guess!

  2. Yi-Ling

    This is brilliant! Managed to guess all of them correctly. Took me a while to get the Asterix and Obelix one.

  3. Matt

    Another agency ripping off someone else’s work… such a shameful, pathetic thing to do.

    Done over a year ago… yawn.

  4. The design world thrives on inspiration from each other, I don’t think credit should be taken away from anyone as long as they make an idea look fantastic, no matter how similar it is to another persons. Some of the best designers in the world do this, just look at Jonathan Zawada’s work, and Alex Trochuts work in comparison to M.C Escher, and Salvador Dali.

  5. Terry Chisholm

    In 2007-8 Christopher Doyle used it in his internationally renowned brand guideline portfolio, as far as I know it is the earliest I have seen it been used.

  6. Michael

    Hi Rhys
    What an incredible bunch of bullshit!
    Theft has nothing to do with being inspired.
    If you do not understand that please find another profession!

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