Let There Be Light

Published:  April 20, 2011
Let There Be Light

In a move that’s sure to make lampshades everywhere feel a little uneasy, Hulger has finally released the Plumen light bulb. After three years in design and development the company has produced a CFL bulb that uses 80% less energy and lasts eight times longer then the (now outlawed) incandescent bulbs.

Hulger’s desire was to “soften technology with a poetic, human touch”, designing and naming the light bulb after the bird-like plumage that looks to attract attention to it’s prowess and beauty. The design also managed to attract the attention of MOMA and the Victoria & Albert Museum, who have both added the bulb to their permanent collection. It seems Hulger have other ideas too, the naming of the light as Plumen 001 makes us think that these guys might soon add a few more designs to the mix.

The only downside to this bulb? They’re not available in Australia just yet and no release date has been announced.

All Images Copyright Hulger.

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