Luke Lucas X All Good Organics sparkling drinks

Published:  July 22, 2014
Bonnie Abbott

The compact, palm-sized sparkling drinks (or “flavour bombs”) from NZ company All Good Organics have just arrived in Australia, yet already the Capri-style refreshments are being picked up as design objects.

Stripped back of any noisy packaging, the colour of their liquid contents shines through the clear custom bottle, with only some summer-loving type from Melbourne’s own Luke Lucas as branding.

“It was decided very early on that the labelling would be as minimal as possible to allow the lettering to sing,” explained Lucas. “Where most clients would say “can you make the logo bigger?”, this brief was the very reverse. In terms of the logo on the bottle, the choice was made to exclusively use the All Good Organics bird and integrate it individually within each typographic layout so that the bird appears to be interacting with the type. The aim was to integrate the brand into the flavour lettering in the subtlest of ways to allow a single design piece to sit front and centre on the bottle, with no further distractions or unnecessary visual clutter.”

“From a technical viewpoint, the beautiful custom teardrop shaped bottle came with some design challenges that required a little left and right brain teamwork to process,” Lucas continued. “Due to the label application process, the area that would accommodate the type was a tapered rectangle. This combined with the reality that the flavour names were of varying lengths and line breaks, yet needed to hold the same presence and weight on the bottle made this a particularly tricky design response. It’s the type of challenge that type nerds like myself welcome.”

Lucas and All Good achieved a level of mutual vision and understanding that allowed the finished bottle to shine, and do justice to the years of development behind the product, for which the client was very proud. When invited to meet with All Good’s Simon Coley last June, Lucas describes his surprise at finding a client educated in design and typographic history — and the difference it made to the project.

“It’s very rare for a client to have a passion for design and typography let alone be familiar with the design legacy of the late Herb Lubalin,” explains Lucas. ”From the outset, I recognised that this would be a great project to be involved in. Simon relayed that he wanted the type for their organic sparkling waters to be truly custom, juicy, and to take inspiration from Lubalin’s use of ligatures and swashy typographic forms.”

The All Good sparkling drinks are now available in White Grapefruit, Bitter Lemon, Red Grapefruit, Blood Orange and Blackcurrant at boutique locations around the country.

All images: All Good Organics

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