Miniature calendar: Making small things look big

Published:  September 9, 2015
Eloise Mahoney

My imagination has peaked an all-time high. I have just been scrolling through the Instagram feed of Japanese art director, designer and photographer, Tatsuya Tanaka gawking over his Miniature Calendar project. This clever and creative idea sees Tatsuya photographing mini diorama-style figures surrounded by daily necessities making their shape, size and functionality take on a whole new life-form. If you have ever wondered what life looks like from the perspective of an ant, step into the mind of Tatsuya and let him add a little enjoyment to your everyday life.


The Miniature Calendar project has been on-going for over four years! So flicking through every date would take quite some time. But by the powers of Instagram I found myself getting lost in what seemed like a never ending sequence of miniature life. Each photo I would stop and think, wow, he has done it again, and again, and again. Think paperclips and staples, rubix cubes, bread rolls, straws, earphones, lettuce leaves, bottle tops, shoes and popcorn. I don’t think there is one item that Tatsuya can not transform to look like something from another world.

The Miniature Calendar is a way for Tatsuya to express a different way of thinking. The idea of looking down at your dinner plate and imagining the broccoli to look like a forest, or seeing leaves floating on the waters surface appearing like little boats. According to Tatsuya everyone has had these types of thoughts at least once (even if it was in your childhood).

The Miniature Calendar project has a massive online following with 298k followers on Instagram tuning in to see his daily creations. And I can now understand why, with my curiousity peaking so high! What will Tatsuya create tomorrow…











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All images by Tatsuya Tanaka

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