Published:  January 8, 2012
Lisa Marie Corso

Not many people know that passing the terrarium rearing test is the precursor to parenthood, assessing your suitability in a less intimidating way compared to the interactive take home baby doll experiment. Caring for a terrarium is so simple: water once a week, keep in a moderately lit room, Instagram its progress on Twitter etc. So why do so many end up abandoned on the curb? This isn’t an episode of Teen Mom, you can’t just discard your little bundle of chlorophyll the minute things get tough. You need to persevere and you’ll soon be rewarded, watching your humble offspring thrive and flourish, becoming a fully fledged living sculpture.

Miniscapes by Clea Cregan best represent this, offering a glimpse into proud parentage. Smaller than your average terrarium,  each individually cultivated garden is contained within contemporary glass vessels (available in a variety of shapes), that will suit any living environment or desktop. They’re the sustainable substitute to floral arrangements, inexpensive and let’s face it have a cosmetic quality your Ikea succulent could never compete with. Alternatively if parenthood is not for you, Miniscapes are the perfect gift for clucky friends. Just don’t buy them in advance.

Contact Clea to custom order one or check the Miniscapes blog for her next market stall.

Stone Base Miniscapes.

Tear Drop Miniscapes.

Glass Jar Miniscapes.

Lightbulb Cactus Miniscpae.

All images are copyright by Miniscapes.


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