Muppets Alphabet T-shirt

Published:  December 17, 2011
Lisa Marie Corso
Muppets Alphabet T-shirt

My love of The Muppets is not a natural state of affairs, in fact some people may be so bold to condemn it as mildly disturbing. But I attest that Mike Boon’s Muppet Alphabet can be appreciated by all, no matter how traumatised you were by Rainbow Connection.

Mike Boon’s created a type that incorporates the A-Z of The Muppets.  Now available in t-shirt form via Threadless, it’s become official Disney merchandise coinciding with the release of Jason Segel’s The Muppets.

You can and should order yours here, so I won’t be the only ‘Muppet enthusiast’ (layman’s term = nerd) wearing mine in the front row of the cinema come 12 January 2012.

Mike Boon's Muppet Alphabet.

Muppet Alphabet tshirt via Threadless

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