Nathalie Du Pasquier notebooks

Published:  July 9, 2012
Miriam McGarry
Nathalie Du Pasquier notebooks

Choosing the right stationery is a delicious dilemma. Moleskines are beautiful yet predicable, spiral binders reek of high school days, and anything with an owl on it should be immediately disqualified from contention. Luckily, Third Drawer Down rescues your pen from wandering across an inappropriate page. Nathalie Du Pasquier, legendary designer of the 1980’s Memphis Group, has collaborated with TTD to produce stationery and homewares featuring her distinctive designs. Du Pasquier whispers lines into patterns, and unexpected colour combinations into harmony. Between the vibrant cover, Du Pasquier provides fifty pages for exploration and invention.

Pink/Green, with pink block binding

Red/Green, with yellow binding

Yellow/Black, with yellow binding

All images copyright Third Drawer Down.

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