‘New wave’ hangers are the result of an Australian design partnership

Published:  September 23, 2014

Australian designers from Mathery Studio have teamed up with Dale Hardiman to create liquid-like hangers that greet you everytime you dress, spelling out a friendly ‘HI’ in upright wire forms. Metal rods bent into a continuous wave, available in pristine white or lemon yellow, explore the presentation of clothing as an object for display rather than storage.

Almost like a mounted artwork, the designers explain that the hangers showcase clothing “in all its glory.” Not only intriguing to the eye, these pieces are entirely useful — “resting against a wall, the H is immediately accessible with five horizontal rods that allow for versatile placement of garments. The I stands as a lofty solitary platform waiting to be adorned with the most prized ensemble.”

Get ready to curate your collection of couture, as garments that “too often hidden away in a dark wardrobe” can now become a sculptural “feature” upon the HI hangers.

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