POPP’s robust, beautiful, all-weather ping pong tables

Published:  June 6, 2014

Perth-based POPP make robust, weighty, industrially-rendered outdoor ping pong tables. They’re permanent, weather-proof and free to use, usually commissioned for parks and open spaces. As anyone can see, however, these tables aren’t in the usual ‘community equipment’ style, as POPP team up with artists and designers to make, what they call, “Public recreational art”.

Adding to their collection of table designs (the basic ‘School’ variety, and the curvy ‘Flagship’) is their newest table, inspired by the space frame of Buckminster Fuller — The Ephemeralist.

POPP’s ‘The Ephemeralist’ ping pong table

The idea came to the POPP founders after a summer in Berlin. “A whole summer was spent wandering the city’s nooks, squares and open spaces – ping pong gear in tow,” the team explain. “We discovered countless free-to-use outdoor tables (often covered in graffiti) being enjoyed by the young ones, the hipsters, suits with spin moves, families and circles of friends playing circles of ping pong.”

“We’ve brought this cross-generational recreational activity to Australia and we’ve taken the anonymity and illegality out of the artwork.”

The ‘Flagship’ ping pong table

The ‘School’ ping pong table

Petition the council and get one in your local park — http://popp.net.au/

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  1. Pete

    These are amazing!! I’ve seen them in parks. Great place making tool.

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