Print All Over Me: converting ideas into objects

Published:  October 5, 2015

Online shopping has gotten a tad more interesting. Print All Over Me (POAM) may seem like yet another online fashion store upon first glance, but it’s more like a creative community that promotes collaboration and helps transform an idea or a design into real objects. Plus, designers make an extra buck or two.

Based in New York, the mechanics of POAM are simple. Every three months, a series of  silhouettes like t-shirts, backpacks and dresses is released. Designers can then upload their own artworks onto each silhouette, offer that design for sale and receive at least 20% of the sale.

Each piece is custom-made and one-of-a-kind and designed by the site’s collaborators – artists and designers from all over the world, such as Ben Sanders, Witches of Bushwick, The Design Kids and very recently Australian born, NYC-based designer and art director Wade Jeffree.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.45.15 PMWe had a quick chat with Jeffree a few months back on his other collaboration with photographer Scottie Cameron, A Common Equation.

Now Jeffree is back with more ideas for collaboration and with POAM these ideas stem from the mundane.

5504_35458 (1)

“The patterns take their inspiration directly from the textures and mark-making of the everyday: the scuffs, the stains, the scratches and writings that we routinely walk past and forget.

“All of these textures have been gathered and re-purposed during explorations through the streets of NYC,” said Jeffree.


See more of Jeffree’s designs for POAM here.


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