‘Remove’ app by Scalado

Published:  February 17, 2012
Lisa Marie Corso
‘Remove’ app by Scalado

Introducing society’s newest pest: The Photobomber. You may have encountered this breed of menace before, but only when it’s too late and they’ve already successfully ‘bombed’ your Kodak moment. This is why Scalado’s upcoming app, ‘Remove’, might just be for you.

The application is designed to take multiple shots when you press the shutter, enabling it to access the original background and detect the unwanted passerby. Users of the app can also toggle the image and manually remove objects.

This Swedish-based mobile imaging technology group’s latest innovation is still in the prototype stage and is expected to be released at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona late February.

Then will come the painful task of removing decades worth of bunny ears from your hijacked family photos…

Before shot...

...and the after shot.

Found via designboom.

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