Sand lights, slowly crumble

Published:  February 3, 2014
Bonnie Abbott

Barcelona-based Alien and Monkey describe themselves as the makers of ‘stories and objects’, being the collective practice of an illustrator and a product designer. I have had the pleasure of working, talking and hanging out with Daishu Ma (illustrator) and Marc Nicolau (product designer) for many years and can attest to their rigorous, soulful vetting of the work they do — its environmental impact and social contribution being two of their most critical filters.

Their development of a method to cast sand has driven the direction of many products that have emerged out of their studio in the past few years, the latest manifestation being the ‘ephemeral’ Sand Lamp. While durable enough to last for years, wear and tear will mean over time, the lamp will slowly disintegrate back into sand, but not without the pleasing transformations erosion brings to its form and brief life as an sculpted object.

Alien and Monkey’s sand products are available through their site:

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