Sauna Duet – a Marimekko and Aesop collaboration

Published:  May 21, 2013

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian bathing culture rituals, Sauna Duet is a collaboration between Finnish design group Marimekko and Australian skin care specalists. This co-branded body care kit contains a body scrub, body balm and cosmetic bag, and is both unisex and suitable for all skin types.

The organic cotton bag measuring 6.5″ x 8.25″ is designed by Sami Ruotsalainen and the Vellamo print is designed by Maija Louekari.

The fragrance of both products is characteristically balsamic and camphorous, imparted largely by the Fir Needle, Sage Leaf and Pine Needle they contain.

No animal ingredients, colour additives or synthetic fragrances are used in any Aesop product.

The Aesop-Marimekko Sauna Duet is available now from Aesop signature stores in Australia, Asia, the USA, and Europe, as well as at Marimekko retail locations and online from both Aesop and Marimekko.



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