Milton Glaser wall clocks

Published:  February 19, 2013
Milton Glaser wall clocks

Milton Glaser has more delights up his sleeve. This time he’s tried his hand at clock design in the form of three wall clocks for Kikkerland Design. When asked by The New York Times why he branched into clock design, his answer was: “I started doing clocks as an exercise. There were no clients. There was no need. What’s that saying: something, and they shall come? Design it and they shall come. So, why don’t we design something, and that’s how a project initiates. I don’t know why. In the marketplace, you couldn’t find anything that was made decorative and animated.”

Each of the clocks has its own design story:

Presto Wall Clock. As time passes, the blue face reveals white perforations so the appearance of the clock evolves throughout the day. The clock allows for one-handed, rather than precision, time telling.

Presto Wall Clock

Reductuous Wall Clock. This clock is a tribute to simplicity in design. Its frosted face is punctuated by coloured dots that represent the hour and minute hands.

Reductuous Wall Clock

Sprocket Wall Clock. With both a number and a colour spectrum, the clock displays time in an unconventional way. A rotating disk with a circular hole reveals the hour, while the red hand denotes minutes.

Sprocket Wall Clock

Take a closer look at the clocks over in the MoMA Store.

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