Still Alive by Antonio Arico

Published:  November 22, 2013

Still Alive, a ‘practical and organised piece of art’ by Antonio Arico for Seletti, intends to transform familiar products and their uses, moving them from one context to another.  The design set is supposed to replicate something similar to that which ‘still life’ painters have historically used as a reference point in their work – such as a pitcher, a vase, a sphere, a box.

But here the pitcher is used to hold rulers or scissors; the vase is divided into three sections for storing paperclips and the like; the sphere is a magnifying glass; the box … well, it still seems to be a box.

Made using an unrelated source of materials, these objects form a compilation or stand alone as a mix and match selection of curiosities.

Antonio Arico’s Still Alive collection is available for purchase here 

Still Alive - Seletti


Still Alive - Seletti


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