Thumbtack Press

Published:  February 23, 2012
Thumbtack Press

Let’s face it, original art is usually quite expensive and not something that ordinary people can typically afford. Which is why it’s great to have online initiatives that aim to spread art love through affordable pieces and prints. This is the concept behind Thumbtack Press, an online art community dedicated to curating, displaying and selling original works of art by various artists. The range of art genres available on Thumbtack Press is large, including fine art, comic art, illustration art, graphic art, typography art and mixed media art.

The great thing about Thumbtack Press however is not simply the fact that it makes original art affordable to the general public, but that it also allows artists to present their work to a wide audience. Commonly produced art prints tend to be of famous works by well-known artists, and it can be hard for lesser-known artists to showcase their work. An online venture such as Thumbtack Press provides a great opportunity for new artists and caters for various tastes in art. Prints start from $19.99 and are also available framed or stretched on canvas. Although there are many artists to browse through, some of my favourites include Sarajo Frieden, Robert Bridges, Rick Beerhorst, Pamela Henderson, Matthew Woodson, Masayoshi Mizuho, Marcela Cárdenas, Luis Melo, Kate Pugsley, Gina And Matt and Francisco Miranda (Tooco). But visit Thumbtack Press yourself to view the many others featured on the website.


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