Urbanears Headphones

Published:  November 15, 2011
Lisa Marie Corso
Urbanears Headphones

Urbanears are a collective out of Stockholm, Sweden which promise to bridge the gap between you and your music. There are currently four different styles available – Tanto, Baggis, Plattan and Medis – each offering their own unique traits.

The Plattan for instance is a ‘closed on ear headphone’, meaning it blocks outside sound, allowing you to listen to your ‘secret shames’ in complete unhinged privacy (aren’t you glad you kept that Shania Twain album, after all?)

Each pair of headphones is equipped with a fabric and tangle resistant cord with a built-in microphone/remote, compatible with iPod, iPhone and android. Best of all the headphones are collapsible, so you no longer have a reason to don ‘the stethoscope’.

You can also shop by colour or style, and if you buy two or more products consider shipping free. Order a pair today here.

Plattan ($60 USD)

Tanto ($40 USD)

Medis ($50 USD)

Bagis ($35 USD)

All images are copyright Urbanears.

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