Vintage Blanket hot water bottle cover

Published:  August 4, 2012
Ayesha Khara
Vintage Blanket hot water bottle cover

Struggling to keep warm during these frosty winter mornings? Unfortunately summer is still an unbearable few months away, so its time to dig up your old hot water bottle and get yourself one of these Vintage Blanket Hot Water Bottle Covers. With one of these covers made out of recycled Australian vintage woollen blankets you will not only be keeping your toes toasty, but you will be doing it in style. Made in Melbourne by Miss Cinti, even the look of these old school tartan covers will warm your insides.

Visit the Little Shop website to purchase one of these covers along with a wide range of other handmade treasures.

Choc/Mint Tartan

Images copyright Little Shop.

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