WIN: Eco lunch bags

Published:  June 29, 2011
WIN: Eco lunch bags

A lunch bag for the eco-friendly.

It’s made from 100% organic cotton, uses water-based inks and a phthalate-free vinyl removable lining. It can be washed, wiped, rinsed and has no toxins, phthalates, BPA or waste. Plus each one features a bright illustration.

The bags are available online at Kindred Gifts, or you can find them on Facebook here.

The folks at Kindred Gifts have kindly offered to give away two ‘Doggy’ lunch bags! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post (below) before 3pm on 6 July 2011.

Want 15% off your purchase from Kindred Gifts? As a special offer for desktop readers, use the code DSKTOP15 to retrieve your discount. Offer expires 31 July 2011.

The competition is only open to residents of Australia.

111 Responses

  1. Lou

    Adorable! Woof woof!

  2. Wow, that is adorable! :)

  3. Rebecca

    Great Idea!

  4. Kathy McDuff

    Pick me! Pick me!

  5. Deborah Bowler

    I want a doggy bag… how gorgeous is that. What a fantastic idea.

  6. Courtney

    this makes me smile :)

  7. Paul

    I would actually look cool taking my lunch to uni!

  8. Naw. . . such an awesome idea!

  9. Buckets of cuteness! I think everyone should have one of these!

  10. Andrew

    I expect this can also be used to carry an actual dog? I sure hope so.

  11. michaela

    Ooo I’d love one :) My partner always throws my shopping bags out and I can never find a bag to put my (possibly liquid) lunch in!

  12. leah

    that is so cool! i would use that so much.

  13. That is quite cool, although I feel like you might be eating a little bit too much cheese.

  14. This is definitely the environment’s best friend!

  15. Sam

    May I please have one? I’m going to subvert the use of it and put a cat in it.

  16. Drew

    My dog rates it four paws and a wet nose ahead of the pack!

  17. Jessica morrison

    Cutest thing EVER!!

  18. CindyC

    Wow…..such a great environmental friendly doggy bag ..definitely gonna be my meal time best friend. ;)

  19. winner winner chicken dinner!

  20. Anna

    That’s so cute! no more old n crusty supermarket bags wrapped around my lunch with that puppy in place. (see what i did there…I know…BAD)

  21. Peabee

    I want that DOGGY BAck!

  22. Melissa

    aaawoooffff!! These bags look excellent! Oh and I too may replace my lunch with a cat now and then…

  23. Ange

    Well, looks like someone let the dogs out! I would love to give one a good home…

  24. That lunch looks a bit too ‘vego’ for the doggy to be staring at so intently (except for the cheese maybe :)

  25. kirsten

    Perfect size for my kibbles and lunchtime chew toy! ;p

  26. Samantha

    Very cute, would be perfect for my lunch at work =)

  27. Kim

    Great idea! Love the illustration too. Would be very handy!

  28. Shirley

    This’s cute & smart actually ^^

  29. Mel

    If its not enough its a great design my dog looks just like that one! In love.

  30. Prudence Lawrence

    With that my leaky lunches would be no problem!

  31. Virginia Mason

    What a great idea. My little boy would love carrying his lunch to school in the doggy bag – great size, nice design and looks cool too.

  32. Eliza

    This bag would b purfect to take my dogs food in when we go have a sleep over!

  33. Erica

    How much is that doggy in the window??……Cutest dog! He looks like my beagle x kelpie when he was a pup :)

  34. I love this bag and its lovely dog design. What a great idea.

  35. Jasmine

    doggy doggy doggy

  36. Mariel

    awww the doggy bag :) I loved it :) I want one for my lunch time ill get to have some company while Im eating :)

  37. Sezzy

    How Gorgeous, i would be proud to have my Lunch in that puppy dog bag

  38. Alysha Sandow

    Want. <3

  39. Grant Monaghan

    Wow what a cool lunchbag. Eco freindly and cool at the same time

  40. annie

    Whoah! How much hispter can you pack in this bag?

    Eco-friendly? Tick. Easy-to-clean? Tick. Cute animal doodle against a clean minimalistic background with ironic text in sans-serif? Tick!

    This sure beats those insulated Kmart bags and will definitely make meal times (for the young at heart) so much more inspiring!

    I am such a fan of the leftover lunch and LOVE IT!!!

  41. Pamela

    This would be so cool for my son. When he asks if he can take the dog to school, finally I would be able to say yes!

  42. Kylie

    Super cute and such a great idea!

  43. Stevie G

    OK is this where I say something funny to make you give me a prize?

  44. Kelly Arndt

    You know, most food places won’t let you leave with a doggy bag these days… I can’t see that they’d have much of a problem with these, though! Very cute…! My daughters would love them!

  45. sherie

    i really want one of these.

  46. Karina

    What a cute way to bring your lunch into work!

  47. Chloe

    Eco friendly and uber funky – loving it :)

  48. Jacky

    Lovely idea, so much better than plastic.

  49. Kerri

    Current lunch bags are a bit ‘ruff’ on the environment, my conscience is ‘hound’ing me to be greener

  50. Ros

    Bold I am and for the left overs I scam.
    Doing it in style would make me smile.
    Lunch then be a pleasure to see.

  51. Maria

    How I’d love to show off this cute eco lunch bag at work. My workmates will be green with envy……

  52. DD

    Just the thing for hubby to cart his enormous home made lunch to work in!

  53. Diana

    A proper doggy bag to put my left overs in for lunch at work….no more embarrassing plastic shopping bags.

  54. Ernie

    Woof woof, this is cool!

  55. david dehavelland

    To put left-overs in? It’s fine enough to take a 4-course dinner and a small bottle of wine in.

  56. Liz

    That is honestly one of the cutest bags I have ever seen! It reminds me of my own dog – except my dog is brown, not red with blue stripes!

  57. Melissa Brown

    Nothing like eating a budget homemade lunch with style.

  58. Joanne Purnell

    What a great idea, cute and clever, well done!

  59. April

    No more wrapping up leftover’s in servette’s,
    No more spillage in my handbag,
    No more wastage=Happy Rover

  60. Jennifer Bush

    Perfect! A stylish solution… No more using the kid’s old school lunch boxes myself! :)

  61. linda

    This is not only eco friendly but totally cute!! – I am checking out Kindred gifts now :)

  62. Grant

    Woof! But in an environmentally sound way.

  63. Allicia

    It’s as if the little fella is wishing he could have the scrumptious lunch every day for his meal. Brill eco idea!

  64. Kristina

    Love love love it! It would suit a perfect picnic date with my furry friend Archie :)

  65. Julia

    My partner calls me a bag lady… generally just plastic bags… this could give me that upscaled bag lady look ;)

  66. Corinne

    Simply adorable! Really cute – love it – I’d love one :)

  67. The plastic inner is rad! I want this!

  68. corleen b

    I hope they come out with an eco-friendly cup/flask and call it “cat nip” to go with the “doggy bag” title. Very innovative and uber cute idea :)

  69. Geraldine

    I am suffering from a severe case of doggy bag deficiency. Please cure me.

  70. mollybob

    *want* this is a great idea. would go well with my keepcup ;)

  71. That’s the cutest doggy bag ever!

  72. Natalie

    Love the puppy and on such a useful object!


  74. Tracey

    Omg cutest ever!!

  75. Leonie

    A great idea and a howling success! I NEED one!

  76. Anita

    this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while! Takes bringing lunch to a new level – its trendy now!!!

  77. Stacy Smith

    Great Idea!!! No more plastic zip lock bags!!! Yippee!

  78. Fiona

    How cute – love the design and name : )

  79. Juliet Grierson

    Better than the old faithful brown paper bag!

  80. That is such an awesome idea!

  81. Jennifer Turner

    LOVE IT! If I had one of these not only would my boyfriend be the coolest kid at smoko, but my faithful pooch Dudley could borrow it when he goes to the dogsitter. A must have all around,

  82. Barbara Hodges

    “Doggone” it, you’d be “barking” mad not to want one of these “cute as a puppy” lunch bags.

  83. Deborah

    … much much better than a ‘doggie in a bag’ ♥ : )

  84. Cdesign

    That is just dog-gone awesome!!

  85. Debs

    …. a very waggytail idea!


    Would like to see more designs, is great Idea.

  87. Alicia

    My tired, battered lunchbox is so uncool,
    This little bag is a rare jewel,
    Cute as a button and fantastic design,
    I want to make this doggy bag mine.

  88. kerrie

    I could put a hotdog in there:)

  89. chris murphy


  90. oh my, so cute! would definitely love to see more designs too :) x

  91. Katrina Higham

    So cute! I would love to take this to work everyday!

  92. Sharon Fawcett

    Woof woof. I’d be fighting off the kids and our chihuahua Joey to have my lunch packed away in this!

  93. Amie

    what a perfect bag to take my lunch to work @ KWDoggett :D

  94. Rachel

    Perfect size to fit my Yorkie in…actually it would be too big for her so I would pack my picnic in it instead.

  95. <3 I'm dog gone crazy for this, very cute!

  96. The perfect way to turn those dog-days into “bright” diamonds (and save my office-bag from those sour chow crises)!

  97. Melanie J

    That is doggone gorgeous!

  98. Mara

    My dog has it’s coat and booties.
    All he is missing is a lunch bag and then I think his life would be complete.

  99. Anna Kearey

    gorgeous print work & fabulous idea

  100. K Edwards

    My 5 year old would love to show this off to her friends at School

  101. Navya Srinivas

    Very cute!! Would love one!

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