Pantone mugs

Published:  May 9, 2011
Pantone mugs

The popular Pantone mugs are back – but now sporting more shades selected from the Pantone palette. The glazed bone-china mugs are available in Basil 624, Mushy Pea 376, Pumpkin 1505, Shrub Green 569, Grape Juice 520, plus many more colours and are all available on Until’s website for $19.95.

For more information and to order, head to

We have 3 mugs to give away – 1 x Cornish Cream, Raspberry Crush, Vintage Blue. To win, just leave a comment on this post. Competition closes 5pm Friday 13 May 2011 and is open to Australian residents only.

Cornish Cream 1225

Raspberry Crush 7432

Vintage Blue 630

178 Responses

  1. Liz

    My favourite mugs of all time…. My Process Yellow C Mug will blend in very well with this selection of mugs!

    Pantone PMS fan!

  2. Lauren

    PMS 7432 I want to eat you!

  3. I love the Universe Pantone product range. I have a Pantone 18-1660 notebook that I use all the time :)

  4. Mark Keevers

    Ooh! I love them!!!!

    Pantone have their own Universe now do they?

  5. Stef

    vintage blue is the colour of my bedroom walls! love it.

  6. vintage blue. very pretty

  7. Cornish Cream is awesome. Happy yellow :)

  8. Nicole Collis

    I have a purple already, wouldn’t that pink look awesome next to it :-D

  9. It’s always been my dream to own a Pantone mug. Love the Cornish Cream!

  10. Melissa Hunt

    love love love
    Cornish Cream 1225, i want to drink my tea from you

  11. Alexander Stanuga

    I’m keen to get one, love the Cornish Cream yellow Pantone 1225!!

  12. Missayme

    Love them – I’m addicted to Pantone mugs.

  13. Love the cornish cream one! yum! I wish there were more Pantone products though.

  14. audrey

    I love vintage blue, blue is my favorite colour! :)

  15. Ben Thompson

    Vintage Blue 630, you would go so beautifully with my coffee :)

  16. Toby

    I’d like to plant Shrub Green 569 in my kitchen.

  17. leah

    love them! they would def be a convo starter..

  18. Kim

    These colours remind me of gelati, and the mushy pea could definitely pass as pistachio… lovely.

  19. phil

    cornish cream, bring it on

  20. Dear Cornish Cream,

    You make me smile and you look so tasty. I want my Nescafé in you. OM NOM NOM.

    Love Han xo

  21. Anna

    oooh! me please! cornish cream! yes!

  22. Oooh ooooh Want!! Loving all these colours, means i can decide on a colour scheme to use, first thing in the morning while drinking my Tea!! :D

  23. Angela Harders

    I smashed my Officeworks mug this morning so in desperate need of another. Pantone would make my morning…

  24. Mel

    seems such a simple idea but its so clever. hope im as imaginative one day.

  25. Fiona


    Cornish Cream

    My 388 has broken : (

    Love a replacement : 0

  26. Camila

    I’d happily welcome a warming cornish cream beverage any day :)

  27. Nicole

    I love the new colours! Subtle yet stylish!

  28. Love these mugs – so cute and geeky.

  29. Manda

    I would have to say Cornish Cream is my favourite… reminds me of the colour of Corn Soup in Japan…. I almost constantly had a cup in my hand during the winter chill.
    Great colour selection – just love the Pantone Mugs.

  30. awww i have a 381C mug! i think i need another to add to the collection ;)

  31. Sarah

    Woohooooo!!! I’ve been choosing pantone colours all day for a layout! I think I need the matching mug (Vintage Blue 630)!

    Thank you Desktop!

  32. Alysha Sandow

    Heart all Pantone!

  33. love, love, love. Any colour please.

  34. I love the vintage blue – it makes me want to day dream!

  35. Love vintage blue!

  36. Anna

    “To Pantone or not to Pantone”
    That is not the question, as there is only one answer…
    PMS 1225

  37. Julian Hutton

    Oh the vintage blue! It won’t help my coffee addiction, but who cares.

  38. Donna

    Cornish Cream please, my 2583 C is getting all ecclesiastical in purple on it’s own.

  39. Natalie

    I can’t decide between Vintage Blue 630 and Grape Juice 520, might need both!

  40. Kristen

    The most perfect desk warming present ever!

  41. Thinking of painting the trim on our house and need to decide on a colour… of course if I had that Vintage Blue mug I’d just have to paint it that colour to match!

  42. Now Cornish Cream has got me all warm and fuzzy thinking of being back home. If I don’t get to win one, might have to pop out and purchase so I can dream a slice of Cornwall every sip of tea I take… thanks for this post, really brightened up my day!

  43. Anton

    Loving these mugs. Such a simple idea.
    I need the metallic swatch range now!

  44. Bec

    Vintage Blue makes me smile and so does tea. Happiness in a mug.

  45. Each morning, as my coffee I sup
    I imagine a special, colourful cup
    one to inspire in me a new colourway
    when drawing and painting
    the rest of the day!

  46. Cornish Cream – just my dream.
    Raspberry Crush – what a rush.
    Vintage blue – I need you!

    (Actually, any is fine – they’re all quite divine.)

  47. lovely Raspberry Crush 7432!! my coffee time will be blissful with the mug!

  48. Helen

    A new raspberry desktop – yes please!

  49. Karen Bryant

    The vintage blue would be perfect – I’m crossing my fingers!

  50. Tanya

    Any will do! Really need to deck out the uninspired office a little better, and since drinking all day accompanies working all day, this is the most appropriate start.

  51. mmmmm Cornish cream

  52. Jen

    Cornish Cream had a Rasberrry Crush which turned Vintage … well Blue!

  53. Rachel

    Raspberry crush please, as it will go very well with my Ruby lipstick!

  54. They are all so vintage & sexy!

  55. KimKim

    Cornish Cream is the colour of classic raincoats and cartoon sunshine ^_^ Therefore, it is best.

  56. The names for these colours just keep getting better. I will be sure to drink my rasperry smoothie in a rasperry crush mug if I win one.

  57. Nicki

    I harbour a crush on the Raspberry crush… to get my hands on it would be lush.

  58. gemma

    if only all of life could be specified in pantone

  59. Pauline

    i am obsessed with Pantone products. and caffeine. so can i please have one? please with a Cherry Red on top.

  60. Sheena

    Rasberry Crush is a pretty pretty colour

  61. Vintage Blue… Mmm… Vintage :)

  62. esther

    vintage blue is so dreamy.. zzzz

  63. Virginia

    I love the Vintage Blue!!! I can see myself having a hot chocolate on my desk!!! ;)

  64. Stephen

    Who doesn’t want to drink whiskey out of a vintage blue pantone mug at work and call it tea…. what… just me?

  65. Andrew

    My first pushy was Vintage Blue! I’d be the coolest kid on the block if I could trot down to my local and have them fill a Vintage Blue Pantone mug with sweet, sweet espresso!

  66. They are all soooooooooooooooo lovely!

  67. ooh ooh Vintage Blue! ;) x

  68. Matt Alexander

    My coffee mug got stolen :(

  69. bec

    Yummmm Raspberry Crush….

  70. katie

    raspberry crush is devine…perfect for drinking my morning brew:)

  71. David

    Mug for the win!

  72. Joshua Castle

    By Monday next week I hope to be sipping down a vintage cappuccino in the vintage blue 630…now if only they made Pantone coloured coffee!

  73. Vassi

    there is not many problems a good cuppa tea wont fix, and we all know design is about solving problems. i purchased pantone 363 C the other day and tea tastes soooo much better out of this cup. would LOVE if you could help me get the set ; )

  74. Natasha

    Cornish Cream, you are the sunshine of my life
    My Cherie Amour, Raspberry Crush
    I just called to say I love Vintage Blue

    {Mugs for Stevie Wonder fans}

  75. Please and thankyou.

  76. Daniel Ng

    Great colours! One of these would really brighten up my desk. Thanks heaps!

  77. jas

    yay – I’ve been wonderig if they would bring out some new colours!

  78. kelly

    I’ll have one too in Vintage Blue!

  79. Raspberry crush, I like the sound of that!

  80. Scott

    I’ll happily drink out of any of those colours.
    I’ll happily drink any of those colours!

  81. Alice

    Roses are Raspberry Crush, Violets are Vintage Blue, I like Cornish Cream and reading Desktop too!

  82. Gemma

    time for a coffee!

  83. Gemma

    coffee time!

  84. Kirrie

    Could they get any prettier! ;)

  85. Naomi

    Comic sans walks into a bar and the barman says ‘ we don’t serve your type here’.

  86. James

    vintage blue! loving retro at the moment.

  87. Mon

    Cherry on top.
    Cornish cream is not my cup of tea, but Vintage blue is divine and Rasp-Berry Crush is my favourite Boost Juice!
    Pretty please & thank you!

  88. Cornish cream. Delicious.

  89. Casio Sinclair

    Wow so many colours, i wish i could HAVE A MUG!!!

  90. bron

    I’d love the vintage blue one – although….raspberry crush would mean the boys wouldn’t use it lol

  91. The graphic designers’ dream mug! I love it!

  92. Tania

    Raspberry crush for my raspberry tea… Yes please

  93. Teresa

    They’re all beautiful shades, any one of them would make my day and soften my eyes from staring at the computer all day!

  94. DD

    With a background in printing these pantone mugs are making me smile :)

  95. Diana

    Pantone on a mug is a lot nicer than putting ‘PMS’ (Pantone Matching system)!!!

  96. Elizabeth

    The vintage blue cup is simply gorgeous!

  97. wayne

    Raspberry Crush 7432 because i love raspberry ripple ice cream and it would look simply EPIC eating it out of this cup!

  98. Sherelle Habkouk

    Pantone Mugs-Super Kool, will make my office a nicer place to be

  99. melissa

    wow! great colours!

  100. Jenny

    Count me in, please.

  101. Amy

    Pantone mugs will turn any cuppa into a chic, artful affair!

  102. Nettie

    Go vintage blue I love you!!

  103. Karina

    Just what I need, a nice clean mug thats not brown on the inside.

  104. One of these would really help our female staff with their PMS;)!

  105. Nicole Ho

    wow I’m really loving the colours.

  106. shana rahman

    Psssttt! I’ve got a crush on………..Raspberry Crush!

  107. Kate

    My Mondayitis suddenly got better with Pantone Vintage Blue! No longer feeling blue!

  108. Chloe

    The Vintage Blue matches my fixie :) Now I just need to work on my tea-drinking-while-biking skills.

  109. Di

    Would love to enter for a Raspberry Crush, but don’t really mind as they are all pretty cool :)

  110. CindyC

    Awesome..Can I have one of it?? Thank you. ;)

  111. AaronL

    Great Idea .. Nice additional mug on my desk ;)

  112. Michie

    P.A.N.T.O.N.E… I ..L.O.V.E

  113. Tek

    Love Pantone…

  114. JennyC

    love the Raspberry Crush 7432

  115. SarahCwl

    Crush on Raspberry pantone mug

  116. Jenny Cynnej

    Loving the pantone mug…such a brilliant idea

  117. Christine

    I’ll put the kettle on!

  118. Cdesign

    There once was a mug, named Pantone
    Made from beautiful vintage china, bone
    He paraded himself in
    Pumpkin, Basil
    & Shrub Green
    But Raspberry Crush was his very best tone!

  119. Teresa Edwards

    The coffee my work place supplies is an insult, at least l would feel stylish drinking from a pantone mug, might give the place a bit of culture!

  120. Vanessa

    Gotta love Pantone

  121. Anne

    Ooo I can’t decide which one I love more! My walls are painted a vintage blue, and my bedspread’s similar to a cornish cream, so I guess that means I need the rasberry crush to complete this delicious trifecta of pretty pastel colours!

  122. Kit Grose

    These mugs look terrific. I have an unnatural attraction to that 1225 mug.

  123. Cathie B

    To have a bright coloured mug different to the rest of the family would be wonderful.

  124. I dressed my son in Vintage Blue 630, I dressed my daughter in Raspberry Crush 7432. I wish I had Pantone Mug…..don’t you?

  125. Cornish Cream makes me feel like sipping warm cup-a-soups while waiting for summer to arrive again. Love the mugs, good to see some new flavors!

  126. I have been eyeing pantone mugs for quite some time. Salivating at the new delicious colours. I would relish every day at morning tea…. and haiku praise:

    A pantone cuppa,
    Vintage blue, raspberry crush,
    cornish cream, daily.

  127. Joanne Purnell

    Looks great, would be good for biscuit dunking!

  128. Sarah

    I love love love these! fingers and toes crossed I will be sipping from one soon…

  129. Sandra

    Do the environment a favour – send a gorgeous Pantone mug my way and I promise I won’t use the disposable cups at work any more!

  130. P = Please can you
    M = Make me a
    S = Skinny Flat White

    Loooovvvveee these mugs! All colours rock!

  131. Zoey

    I’d love to win a mug :)

  132. maria

    Clearly this is a mug’s game!

  133. Naomi

    I’d love one!!! :)

  134. oh the cornish cream is just so pretty. but all of them would look incredible in my kitchen.

  135. Lucy

    that Cornish Cream mug is splendid!

  136. TJ Middleton

    I’d love the Raspberry Crush or the Vintage Blue. Fingers crossed.

  137. One of these cups would go great with my edition of ‘Interaction of Colour’ by Josef Albers

  138. 3 is the exact number I’m missing to get a set of 6!

  139. Renee

    This Melbourne weather is making me miserable… I think I’m in desperate need of some PMS 1225 to brighten my day! : )

  140. Finlay

    pantone 1225. pants.

  141. kathy clark

    Maybe I can she MINE with my dog, we both can have a nice cuppa!

  142. Chantal

    My morning berry smoothy matches 7432, therefore… it really, actually chose me.

  143. Rita

    1225 is the colour that brightens my day <3

  144. Gabbie Joy

    OMG! These are so cute!! Raspberry Crush and Vintage Blue rock!! Oh pretty please!!!

  145. Ros

    Those gentle pastels are nice to see.
    Pacifying and encouraging for a cup of tea.
    Colours that set one free.
    Any colour would suit me.

  146. Jasmine

    Count me in

  147. Barbara

    Yes please

  148. Katrina C

    Vintage Blue 630 all the way!

  149. Daniel W

    For the missus Raspberry Crush 7432

  150. Stefanie V

    Feels like a cuppa tea in the Pantone Mug Raspberry Crush 7432 :) yum

  151. Sally

    Love the new colours!! They’d be a great contrast to my black office uniform in the lunch room!

  152. I adore the new Cornish Cream Pantone 1225 mug! It would definitely bring some warmth to this early Melbourne winter!

  153. I will feel pretty Reflex BLue if I don’t get one of these!

  154. monica scurlock

    Cool cups..for hot moments!!

  155. Jessica V

    A Cornish Cream Pantone cup to go with my lunchtime Cornish pastie – A match made in heaven!

  156. Kimberley Parker

    They’re great! My partner and I (a commercial printer) and I (a Graphic Artist now on home duties) would love these… AND there’d be one to spare!

  157. Flossyfewclothes

    I’m a Vintage Kinda girl, I wouldn’t mind a Pantone Mug for my mug ;-)

  158. susan graham

    vintage blue how do you do, waking up with coffee would be so good with you.

  159. Kevin K

    The Raspberry Crush would be the choice but they are all stylish colours

  160. Tracy

    I’m usually a blue girl, but I can’t go past the Raspberry Crush, it matches my bedroom walls perfectly.

  161. Rachael Inglis

    LOL I love it – coffee and a colour to make you smile to boot

  162. Rachael Inglis

    cornish cream

  163. Cathy Bowdler

    Cornish Cream, a coffee in this mug would make your day a sunny one!

  164. Lauren Viloria

    Raspberry Crush 7432 I think I love you

  165. Mick

    what a great way to start the day. Good coffee served in a beautifully cheerful Raspberry Crush coloured mug from Pantone-imagine the bragging rights

  166. Vintage Blue, what’s a mug like you doing in a place like this?

  167. Amanda

    Love the Raspberry Crush, curious to know if it sweetens the drink!

  168. Belinda Bonello

    They are so beautiful!

  169. Claire Heaney

    Too many gorgeous colours to narrow it down to one, two or even three favourites. I love them all ….

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